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Contact name: Kim Hoyt

Business Address:
301 S. Side Square,
PO Box 679,
Clinton, IL 61727

Hours of Operation:  
Lobby Hours 
8:30-5:00 Monday-Friday 
8:30-noon Saturday

Drive-In Hours 
8:00-5:00 Monday-Thursday 
8:00-5:30 Friday 8:00-noon Saturday

IGA Branch 
8:30-6:00 Monday-Friday 
8:30-3:00 Saturday

Toll Free: 800-787-8735
Phone: 217-935-3144
Fax: 217-935-8714


State Bank of Lincoln, dedicated to you, dedicated to our community.
In 2009, the State Bank of Lincoln acquired both branches of The John Warner Bank. The State Bank of Lincoln has always been a leader in community service, and this continues today. This acquisition greatly strengthened the bank and further strengthened the ties to the area and the local community. The State Bank of Lincoln retained the employees of The John Warner Bank during the acquisition which helped re-enforce their commitment as being a local community bank.

The State Bank of Lincoln Clinton branch was established in 1867 as The John Warner Bank. The John Warner Bank was a fixture in the Clinton area for over 140 years. It served the people as a true community bank. The employees were from the area and had a truly vested interest in the success of the bank and the community.

In 1996, The John Warner Bank IGA branch was opened. This allowed for greater convenience and service to the community. With expanded hours on weekends and evenings it gave the bank another way to serve the community.

The State Bank of Lincoln is very happy to have a bank with so many local ties and local leadership. The Downtown Clinton branch has been newly remodeled. Stop by and see it!